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Monday, April 21, 2008

This mommy needs a little help please

I got a little smarter with the second child and bought him 4 loveys to have to sleep with.

With Z, I only had one "baby" and now she looks like this....

"Baby" has always been a she!

This is what baby looked like in the beginning! I posted this for my mother in law, she never got to see the first baby!

Well now Isaiah has decided to take a liking to this blanket that I received at my baby shower. Of course I can not find another one and I have tried searching on the internet to no avail. My friend who gave it to me got it at a speciality shop in Lebanon TN. So if anyone has any suggestions I would love it. It's made by mico baby.

My second question is about sleep training. What do I do if Isaiah falls asleep while he is taking his bottle? Do I wake him up so that I put him in bed awake or do I go ahead and lay him down? He has done pretty well today but his last nap he fell asleep while he was eating so I went ahead and put him down. I am not sure if that was the right thing or not.

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Collins Family said...

NO DO NOT WAKE HIM! She falls asleep a lot while taking her bottle and we just put her in bed asleep!