Welcome to the Sanchez Family. We are a God loving, church going, unconditional loving, Army family of three wild and crazy boys and one 100 pound english bulldog, taking it one day at a time. I'm the mom, the only girl in the house, and the Queen. Hang on tight, it's sure to be a wild ride!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Poor Baxter!

Now that Isaiah is crawling, Baxter is none too happy. I think he remembers this time from Zachary. Isaiah's new favorite thing to do is crawl after Bax. Baxter gets comfy on the floor and then comes trouble, as fast as he can go. He gets almost to Bax and then Baxter up and runs away. Just as he gets comfortable in another spot, Isaiah is after him again. He has been the best dog with all the babies, Zachary and Bradley Dylan and now Isaiah. I feel sorry for him. He is now upstairs hiding, for the time being Isaiah can't climb the stairs to get him. I am sure that will change soon!

Pancho is still so much of a puppy that he can't be out with the baby yet. He weighs almost 50 pounds and isn't aware of his own strength! He is really sweet, we are just afraid he will love him to death! Isaiah loves to watch him from the play pen when he is out with us in the family room!

I will have to upload the pictures later. Blogger won't let me add them right now!

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