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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back from Disney!

We got back from our WONDERFUL trip to Disney World yesterday and I am ready to return tomorrow! I love Disney. I always have as a little girl and now as a mom I love seeing my kids enjoy it just as much as I did. It is a totally different experience now then it was before I had children. I took 277 pictures! I love pictures, I love to look back at them and remember the fun that was taking place!

We did all 4 parks and had a meal everyday with the characters! Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch, lunch with Little Einsteins, and dinner with Pooh and Friends! Isaiah just took it all in but Zachary had a great time. His favorite part was meeting the Power Rangers over at Disney's Hollywood Studios. He was in total awe of them. He has been watching Power Rangers since he was 2. The weather was wonderful, very little rain, and sunny hot days. We were in shorts and tank tops all week. The babies were in onsies and no socks, it was great.

It was so nice to be able to go with my family and see my nephews everyday. Kelly and I had adjoining rooms so the boys were able to go back and forth all day and night! Traveling with 4 kids was an adventure and tiring but looking back at it now, WORTH EVERY MINUTE! I will try to pick some of my favorite pictures to post! Enjoy your weekend and the upcoming week ahead! I will try to post a little more now that we have returned!

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