Welcome to the Sanchez Family. We are a God loving, church going, unconditional loving, Army family of three wild and crazy boys and one 100 pound english bulldog, taking it one day at a time. I'm the mom, the only girl in the house, and the Queen. Hang on tight, it's sure to be a wild ride!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My boy of fall!!

Today was Isaiah's 1st flag football game! We had a little bit of a late start but we made it. He was excited to play and once the game started he was really into it. His pants were too big so we made a stop ofter the game to get the extra smalls for next week! Zachary is an assistant coach and he is so proud.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1st day of school!

Today was the boys first day of school.  Well, not Noah's and he was not happy about this at all!  Zachary started 5th grade today!  Where does the time go?  He was not really feeling pictures this morning so I only got one from him!  I think he was a little nervous. 

Isaiah on the other hand was more than ready to go!  He wanted to ride the bus this morning and didn't want me taking him at all.  This mom was not going to do that so I drove him to school where he promptly told me to let him out at car pool?!  I didn't and parked and then he ran into school as fast as he could.  They couldn't be more different!  He did let me take a few pictures of his first day!  He was so proud and it made me proud too. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's baseball time again

When we found out we were moving out here we wanted to get the boys involved pretty quickly.  That way they could make new friends and get into a routine and back to some sort of normal again!  Z is a baseball loving kid.  He has played since he was 3 and hasn't missed a season yet.  We signed him up for Fall baseball here in IN and he is now a Blue Jay!  He has his first game on Sunday and they won 17-4! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Cesar Isaiah Sanchez

Wow!  Where does the time go?  It seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant again after 4 years and a lot of heartache.  I was so ready to be a mommy again!  All my life I wanted to be a mommy.  A mommy to a lot of babies!  Little did I know what this little baby would bring!

To say his daddy was overwhelmed would have been an understatement!  He was blown away by this little baby who would have his name.  Cesar Isaiah Sanchez arrived quickly and pretty easily.  That was the last thing that has been easy with this boy! 

Today my 5 year old boy will be starting Kindergarten on Wednesday and is a ball full of energy!  I am beyond proud to be his mommy, even on the rough days!  He know only one speed, fast, and does everything this way.  He loves his brothers, most of the time, and play so rough it's sometimes scary for this mommy!  He is super smart and super loving when he is happy but his mood can change in a heartbeat if you are not careful!!  He keeps me on my toes and I love every minute of being his mommy.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I never knew I was a CA girl

Who knew that when I moved across the country 4 years ago with two boys and one on the way that I would become a CA girl.  As an Army wife I knew that we would be moving a lot, to a lot of places.  Some I would want to go to and some I would not.  In my head I knew this, it was my heart that would have a hard time understanding.  I was born and raised in KY.  I lived there for almost 30 years of my life, in a small town, a real small town.  I loved every minute of it. I loved going to the grocery and running into people that I knew.  I loved that almost everyone had a story about my Granddaddy.  I graduated from the only high school in town and still run into a lot of the people I graduated with when I return for a visit.  I would have NEVER in my wildest dreams thought that west coast living would be where my heart longed to be. 

When I met my husband one of the first things he told me was that he was moving back to California as soon as possible, well that and he was deploying to Iraq soon, he was pretty much telling me this would never work.  In the back of my head my stubbornness was thinking that I would change his mind and he would LOVE KY!  We moved to CA back in 2007 and I hated every minute of it.  We were only there like 4 months and the Army saw fit to move us back to Ft. Knox, I was super happy to be back "home".  I think I had a lot of growing up to do then.  I had never really moved that far away from my family and I was lonely.  It was summer so I really didn't have the chance to meet anyone and I didn't make any friends.  We moved back, Isaiah came, and we did ok. 

In 2009 when the opportunity came to move AGAIN to CA through the Army we decided to try it.  Cesar had never really had the chance to live close to his family and I just thought it was his "turn" so to speak.  Once again we packed up and moved across the country, this time with 2 boys and Noah on the way in less than a month!  This time was a whole lot different.  Zachary started school when we got there and I got involved in the PTA and met some really great friends!  We had a great house that fit our family perfectly and it was right around the corner from my in laws.  I totally fell in love with SoCal!  I felt right at home there.  I still missed my family.  My sister and the kids were always on my mind.  It was hard having Noah in CA and none of my family being able to see him until he was almost 3 months old.  Z loved his school and he met some great friends so the transition wasn't as hard this time.  We got involved in baseball so that kept us pretty busy too.

SoCal got in my blood!  The weather is to die for and there is so much to do so close.  Who in their right mind wouldn't want to live 45 mins from Disneyworld!!!!  This was the icing on the cake for this Disney lover!

More importantly than the attractions were the friends I met.  They totally took me in, this girl from KY, and welcomed me into their group.  Who knew there would be a mom there who would have boys just as wild as mine and would love them anyway!?

We made a lot of memories in the past 4 years.  Our boys became the best of friends doing everything together.  I gained a whole new Mexican family.  This white girl fit in just fine too!  I mean I am even a Nina now to the worlds most cutest newborn little boy!

Not to mention my wonderful sister in law I have in CA.  Us white girls have to stick together in this crazy Mexican family we married into!  I love every minute of it, most of the time :).  It's nice to have someone to talk to that just gets it.  She loves country music, she loves cowboy boots, and she gets my husband.  Could it get any better?!  The other nice thing, she lets me dress her daughter.  I am so girly and in this house full of baseball uniforms and dirt I don't always get to buy to much pink!  Kayden is my CA princess and she usually lets Sissa put bows in her hair and buy cute girly clothes.  For a little bit longer anyway!

Then comes the call that we have all been dreading....we are moving again?!!?  WHAT?!  It seems like I just got all the pictures hung up and things just so in my house and they are coming to pack it up?!  You have got to be kidding me?!

Yes, with a promotion comes a move.  While I am super proud of my MSG hubby I hate what comes along with it. 

So off to Indianapolis it is with all 3 boys and a new adventure.  We are sad to leave CA and we are already missing our friends and family we are looking forward to the time that we get back home once again.  The up side to this move, I am only 3 hours away from my KY family and my wonderful nephews and my KY princess!!  So I will embrace this next 2 years and count the time until we get back to where my heart belongs, CA!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Isaiah plays flag football

Well this post was supposed to include Z's first baseball practice, however, due to circumstances beyond, WAY BEYOND, my control that post will have to wait until next Sunday!

We are a sports loving family as many of you know so when we first learned where we were moving Cesar and I started looking at the sports programs in the area.  We found fall baseball for Z but not for Isaiah.  Well, I knew he wouldn't want to be left out so we decided to sign him up for flag football.  We lucked out on the coach, he happens to be my Aunt's future husband.  Coach Barry is great, he even comes and picks Isaiah up for practice and made Z an assistant coach!  Isaiah loves it and we are looking forward to cheering on the Bulldogs and my own boy of fall on Saturdays soon!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Indiana State Fair and the NF walk to support Joe!

Last night my cousin Katie and I loaded up 5 boys and meet Grammy and Barry at the fair.  It was bracelet day and we were determined to get our moneys worth out of those bracelets!  Wow!  It almost put me in the poor house to take the 3 kids to the fair for the night.  It wasn't crowded at all and the boys had a great time riding rides and eating junk, I mean that's what the fair is for right?!  We didn't get home until almost 11 and they were wore out for sure!

sharing nachos

riding the roller coaster

Noah knows no fear

Noah was trying to pull Barry in the wagon

He would have rode the Tilt-A-Whirl all night

The next morning we all woke up early to support the NF walk here in Indy.  NF is a cause dear to our heart because of my wonderful friend Sarah and her oldest son and Z's best friend in the whole world Joe.  We try to attend the NF walk with Team Joe-Joe in CA and this year we happend to start our own team, Team Joe-Joe East Coast to support them even when we are far away!  Noah was not having any photos this morning, he really didn't even want to wake up,so that is why he is missing!

Next up Isaiah's first flag football practice and Z's first baseball practice!