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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Break happenings....

I know this post is a little late but this is the first chance I have had. We had a great time hanging out with Kelly and the boys and the other two boys that she keeps. On Monday they came to the house to hang out and play, on Tuesday we headed to the zoo to see the animals, on Wednesday we swam at the Frog Pool, Thursday we went to All About Kids for open gym and Friday we just rested! It was a lot of fun. Bradley Dylan and Zachary have a great time playing together and the little boys are fun to watch.

I am glad that school is back and we can get back into the routine. Zachary loves school and he strives on routine so getting back is better for us all. We are now working on getting Isaiah on a routine and then all will be great!

We had a great lunch today at Back Home here in Etown with Aunt Mary. She had a meeting here in Etown and she called to invite us to lunch. I love eating there so of course I said yes and headed right over. She loves the boys so it always nice to see her.

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CBJR Family said...

Sounds like a really fun Spring Break!