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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update on Z and a Baby Shower!

I really appreciate those who have been lifting Zachary up in prayer. He seemed to get along with the therapist really well yesterday and is looking forward to going back to see her again. They drew some pictures and she even had a sand table that he is looking forward to playing with next time. We saw on her website where she has a therapy dog and so he is, of course, going to ask her about it. He will be going every other week for a little while. Cesar and I were able to meet with her first and express our fears and worries about Zachary. She said that she would discuss with us what she felt we needed to know but she would always let Zachary know that first. I really liked her and felt at ease with leaving my child with her. She also helped me not to feel so much like it was my fault, that has been a problem for me lately.

On Saturday I forgot to mention that I went to my cousin's baby shower. It was held at my MeaMaw's house and it was a great time. There were a lot of people there celebrating this new life. Her in-laws even traveled down from Michigan to attend with two of her nieces. She is going to have a little boy at the end of May.
Funny story about her and how she met her husband. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and her husband was one of Cesar's good friends who also served with him in Iraq. At first I had actually tried to hook her up with another soldier, sorry Clint! After the wedding a bunch of people headed down to 4th street to continue with the party. They ended up meeting there and talked all night. That was in October, they got engaged in December and married in June! Her dad likes to blame me for this! Her husband redeployed to Iraq in September of 07 and she found out she was pregnant in October. She is due with Michael Eric Douglas in May and we are crossing our fingers that his daddy makes it home for his mid-tour leave in time. He will have to return to Iraq after 18 days at home with his new family and then will return for good in December of this year. Michael Eric is named for a 101st soldier who lost his life defending our country the day before they were to return, August 31st 2006, the 3rd Brigade's only loss. SSG Michael "Renegade Stalker" Deason, you will never be forgotten!

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CBJR Family said...

That's great news about Zachary! I'll keep praying!