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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A husband home and a baby on the way....

Tonight we went to the airport to welcome home SGT. Clinton Douglas, my cousins husband, for his R&R from Iraq. Brittany and Clint met at our wedding in October of 2006 and got married in June of 2007. Clint deployed to Iraq in September of 2007 and Brittany found out she was pregnant in October of 2007. Well he made it home tonight for his R&R, 18 days at home in the middle of the tour, and much to his surprise Brittany will be induced tonight! She has been having some problems, such as high blood pressure, and poor functioning kidneys. They called her this afternoon and told her that her blood work was abnormal and they wanted to take the baby tonight. She asked them if she could wait until she picked up her husband and they said that would be fine. When we left Hooters they were on their way to Surban to get everything started. Please say a little prayer for them tonight! We are hoping to welcome Michael Eric Douglas into the world very soon!

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