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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Awards Day and the last fay of Kindergarten! :(

Thursday was Zachary's last day of school! They had a school wide awards program and Mrs. Olivencia let us know that he wold be getting an award. So I packed up Isaiah and the camera and we headed off to the school at 9 am! Zachary got the Principal's Award for Kindergarten and the reading award for his class! I am so proud of how good he is doing in school. I hope his love of learning continues for the rest of his school years! After awards we hung out in the classroom for the rest of the day and took a walk, played outside and had lunch on picnic tables with the class. They love to see Isaiah and he loves to play with them. Zachary's first grade teacher will have a hard time competing with his kindergarten one. Mrs. Olivencia was great. She really made this mom's transition to school an easy one. We were blessed for sure. I almost forgot, I was elected to the SBDMC and the PTO Board! I will be busy next year. It just isn't in my nature to site back and let everyone else do the work! Now it's the start of summer and camps and trips to visit Grandma, and Isaiah's 1st birthday! Enjoy your summer, and enjoy your extra time with your kiddos!


Collins Family said...

Good job Zachary keep reading!

CBJR Family said...

Way to go, Zachary! It's so helpful when you have a wonderful teacher!!