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Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend News and Isaiah's New Tricks!

We had a great but busy weekend! It was so nice outside that I talked my husband into getting some things for outside. We headed to Lowes on Saturday to get some flower boxes and flowers! We also went to Shoe Carnival to get Zachary some new cleats for baseball, and then we had much at Fergies in Elizabethtown. Once we got home I put Cesar to work. The flower boxes look great and the two trees we got for the front door entry make a huge difference!

We then headed inside to watch the Derby. No one in this house had the winner :(. Zachary was made that his horse, Z Fourtune, didn't win and he decided that he wouldn't watch it anymore and left us to go play the Wii. After the Derby I put my wonderful husband to work inside. Now that Isaiah is crawling we have had to baby proof the house in a hurry. He installed gates at the steps to the basement and at the top of the ones upstairs. We then put in a balconly guard upstairs to keep his little arms and legs inside. He then got to install his new Perfect Pull-up Bar in the basement workout room and the kids tested it out.

Sunday Isaiah decided to show up how he can now pull up on anything! He was pulling up on us while we were sitting on the floor but now he uses anything he can find to pull up on. He hasn't, as of yet, tried to pull up in the crib but I know it's coming soon. We got ready and headed out to church. We were even ready early. When we got there we realized that no one else seemed to be in the parking lot. We unloaded, got inside, still empty. I finally asked one of the greaters and she told me that they decided, last week, to move the service to 10:30! We missed last week so we didn't know. Well we had an hour to kill and we decided to head home. Isaiah ended up falling asleep so we missed church again. I headed back out to Lowes to look for a couple of pots and to get two more flower boxes for the back deck. We got the rest of the flowers planted and Cesar sowed some seed and then watered it, with the help of his youngest. It was then time for Zachary's first baseball practice. We decided to have him play in Shelbyville since the whole family is there and it would be easier for him to have a cheering section. It was a lot of fun. Zachary really loves baseball. His daddy is so good at helping out and he loves to help coach Z's teams!

This morning, Monday, while we were getting ready for school, Isaiah decided to show us one more new trick. He can now climb stairs!! What am I going to do?! Oh well, it's off to Wal-Mart for a few more gates to keep "Mr. Destructo" confined!

I hope everyones weekend was as great as ours! Enjoy the pictures of my family!

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Jessica said...

I'm sure we'll run into you at the park! You guys are sure keeping busy!