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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Please help me fight this!

This is Joesph, Zachary's best friend!

While they couldn't look more different than each other they are more alike than I can tell you.  They love doing things together.  From selling candy for school at the Race for the Cure,

to hanging out at Disneyland for Z's birthday,

they truly are the best of friends.  What you can not tell by looking at the pictures is that Joe has NF.  Here is what his mom has to say about Joe:

Joseph is an awesome 9 year old little man, with a caring heart and playful personality. He was first diagnosed unofficially with NF-1 by 6 months old because of the amount of cafe au laits he had, but was medically diagnosed by a geneticist at 3 after discovering a neurofibroma on his shoulder and finding several tumors via MRI internally. He is so brave and although none of us know what his future will hold, he is so optimistic and knows that with God all things are possible...Please join us in our walk and to raise money to find a cure!

We are walking to raise money to find a cure for NF on May 14th here in Los Angeles.  I am begging you to please donate to this cause and support my fundraising for this.  I know that most of you reading this do not even know Joe but you do know Zachary and he would be so thankful to you for donating to help save his best friends life.  He just went back for a MRI and they found more tumors on his spine and now we, and I say we because I love this little boy and his momma so much, are waiting to see what the surgeon says on what to do next.  Please, please donate so that one day there will be a cure for NF and Joe can live a normal life and grow up and have babies and hang out with Z for MANY years to come. 

  Here is the link to my fundraising page, we are all walking; Cesar, me, Zachary, Isaiah and Noah to raise money for this new cause that has become so important to us in such a short time.  I will continue to hound you for money for the next two months so please donate!!


Just the Two of US said...

That's awesome that you all are walking for a great cure!

Good luck! praying for that family!

Clay Boggess said...

I hope you exceed your fundraising goals for Joseph. This is a very touching story. I’ll pass this on to others…

CB_Wilson said...

I can fully understand the importance of having a BEST FRIEND and I know not everyone finds that special friend. My life has been so blessed because of my best friend who I spent years attached at the hip with. No matter where we are in the world, the other is only a phone call away and to this day, we'll do ANYTHING for the other. In honor of my best friend, I WILL BE supporting the Sanchez Family on this very, very important endeavor!

The Mom said...

Cara Beth, you made me cry! Thanks for being my best friend! I only hope Joe and Zachary have half of what we have!!

love you

CB_Wilson said...

I can't get the donate link to work. I clicked to donate... What am I doing wrong?

The Mom said...

Nothing, I am working with the web lady at the NF foundation she should have it fixed today! Thanks!