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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I still need your help!

A few days ago I posted about Zachary's best friend.  You can read my post here.  I am still in need of donations please!  If you feel the call to donate the donation button at the bottom of the page does not work, please us the one on the right of the page.  My goal is $500 but I would love to blow that out of the water!

I am sure anyone of you reading this has a best friend.  One you can call on no matter what you need and you know that person will be there for you.  Joesph is that person for my Zachary and I am begging you to please help us find a cure and fight this disease for Joesph.  I want Zachary to have Joesph as a best friend forever, for always and  no matter what.  Please feel free to pass this story along to all your friends.  Send them to my page and ask them please to make a donation!! 

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