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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I think I might have a problem......

I am addicted to blogs.  Mostly blogs about Christian women trying to raise a family and follow God.  Most of these women have adopted, maybe this is a sign?  Don't tell my husband I just "typed" that out loud!  I am always trying to grow in my walk with the Lord and raise God loving boys.  I like that these women are real, that they struggle too, but they always rely on the Lord.  I am learning new things and strengthening my faith my reading.

Today I was reading here about this "I am beautiful" campaign and I LOVE the concept.  I am not a mom of girls as you know but I think the concept of positive self image is important in both girls and boys.  I got to snooping reading over here about what she is doing to try and start this campaign around the world.  I am excited, I think I will take some pictures tomorrow to post on her photo site.  I have a hard time thinking that I am beautiful, especially after 3 kids.  But you know what, I am wonderfully made and God don't make ugly!!  So anyone care to join me?

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mother wife full-time worker said...

It is a great idea! I looked into her blog as well a few weeks ago. Very encouraging!