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Monday, March 28, 2011

A house divided! Thanks to Grandpa!

So most of you know I am a HUGE University of Louisville Cardinal fan!  I can not stand the KY Wildcats and thought I was doing a great job of making my sure my children understood the correct team to cheer for.  Well Isaiah thinks my dad, Grandpa, hung the moon.  He is a KY fan.  So now Isaiah asks to wear "grandpa's shirt" almost every day.  Makes me crazy!  Noah on the other hand asks to wear "cardinals" everyday!  I am at least winning on one of them!  So the other day they happened to be dressed like this.  I didn't have to ask twice to get them to pose for the last picture!

Zachary has turned more into a Lakers, Dodgers fan since we moved but he will say he likes both the Cardinals and the Wildcats so he doesn't hurt anyones feelings!


CB_Wilson said...

That dang Wanyey! Did he give up beer for Lent?

The Mom said...

I miss you!