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Friday, December 12, 2008

Random thoughts!

It's been so busy here that I have neglected the blog a little! We seem to keep getting busier and busier each day. Isaiah never stops moving and Noah is following suit in my belly! Zachary is doing so well in school and we are so proud. He got the citizenship award for his grade in November for Self-Discipline. His midterm report was wonderful and he is just a great boy!

We are still up in the air about job prospects for Cesar. The Louisville Fire Department has been put on hold due to the budget so it looks like we are going to re-enlist in the Army. I am fine with that. We know it will mean a move and a possible deployment, this is where his heart is. My main concern is for my boys and I know they will do fine once we get settled, wherever that might be. Please keep us in your prayers as this time is scary, but exciting for us at the dame time. Especially Z, he is older and I know this move will be hard on him.

I will post some random pictures. Isaiah now climbs on his chair to reach over gates, the other day he was trying to get leftover french fries off his highchair! He loves to torture the dogs and is really good at it! Poor Pancho gets run out of his own kennel all the time so Isaiah can get in it himself! I had Baxter's hair cut off so that the suckers would stop getting caught in his hair. We have had to cut out 3 so far! I can only hope Noah is a little less active, maybe more like Z when he was a baby or the dogs might run away!

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Collins Family said...

I hope you all do not have to move but I understand and you have to do what you have to do. I will keep you in my prayers.