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Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Yesterday was a good day in the Sanchez house. My wonderful husband started out the day with a great present for me, the purse I had been looking at at Target along with a few other surprizes! He got the Rob & Big Seasons 1 & 2 set and some chocolate. His LA Dodgers shirt is coming late, the time just got away from me! Isaiah got a board book and Zachary got a gift certificate to Build A Bear!

Isaiah went to the doctor for his 6 month check-up and he is perfect, of course! He weighs 18 pounds and he is 27 inches long. He is going to be a big boy for sure. I think we will have a house full of football players here. For those of you who know me well, you know I would be thrilled! He can finally stop taking the Zantac he has been on since he was 1 month, and he can switch to regular formula, instead of the AR for babies who spit up a lot. We are happy because the regular formula is cheaper and this boy eats a lot! He can also start stage 2 foods. The down side was that he got 4 shots and he screamed something awful! He stopped once he got a bottle, and then he ws fine. I think he was more mad that I took the bottle away so he could get the shots then he was about the shots. After that it was back to Radcliff for Zachary's party at school!

Zachary had a great party at school. It was organized caos for sure! They all passed out their valentine's cards and his Robot valentine holder was a hit! They had pizza, cookies, and chips with juice to drink. Thaksfully Mrs. Olivencia sent home the candy so he wasn't on too much of a suger high.

He is out of school again today and Monday, joy for mom! We are headed to Chuck E. Cheese today with Aunt Kel, Bradley Dylan and Brady Lee and then on Monday to Build A Bear with them again. We need to get out of the house after being here all week except yesterday! I will post some pictures of Isaiah in his Valentine's shirt and Z's party!


Collins Family said...

WOW big boy you have 2 lbs on Isabelle and 3 inches (she is going to be short). Glad you\r tummy is better and you can stop that medicine!You are a cutie and Izzie can not wait to meet you!

Collins Family said...

oops I meant your!