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Friday, February 15, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

Wow I have a lot to say today! This might have created a monster, as most of you know how much I love my pictures, I could post 10 times a day!

Well since we had the day off school, again, here in Hardin County, we decided to go to Chuck E Cheese with Kelly and the boys. Bradley Dylan and Zachary had a great time spending all the tokens and collecting tickets. Brady and Isaiah, well, they tried! Chuck E. entertained them for a minute and we tried to get a picture of them in the car. Isaiah was over it by then. Enjoy the pictures of the boys!

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JessicaChambers said...

OH MY GOSH (or OMG)! I stumbled upon this blog as I was checking Jodie's blog. This is one of your old broken down babysitters from years passed!! I recognized Kelly on the slideshow, then I had to get into the archives to double check your pictures. Your children are beautiful! I'm the old Jessica Powell...just so you know who's commenting!