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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Isaiah!!

Today Isaiah is 6 months old! He is growing so big, so fast. After not having a little one for 5 years this has been a blessing in our house. He is changing everyday and doing great things. He is his daddy's pride and joy. At 6 months Isaiah can, roll over, eat baby food, starting to sit up on his own, babble, laugh out loud, recongnize mommy, daddy and big brother, smile at daddy's voice, sleep 6 hours at night, and charm all he meets! He is already quite the traveler, he has been to California twice already to visit Grandma, Papa and Aunt Dina along with the rest of his California family and friends. We go to the doctor tomorrow for a check up and 6 month pictures on Saturday! I will post the specifics from the doctor tomorrow!


Collins Family said...
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Collins Family said...

Happy 6 months Isaiah, you and Isabelle are going to have to get together who knows maybe date in the future...well long future!!!