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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's been awhile! (Long post)

Ok so it's been a few weeks since I last posted. A lot is going on here in the Sanchez household. We are gearing up for the big move to California on March 17th. There is a lot to prepare for an Army move. You must first go to a transportation briefing, then they schedule a date for the movers to come and then you are gone. We are waiting on a date, should have one after the briefing on Tuesday. The last day my OB wants me to travel is the 17th so the boys and I are heading out then. Cesar's dad will fly in on that Friday the 20th, help pack up the rest of the house, the things we need now, and then they will drive the Uhaul out on Monday the 23rd. The plan is for Cesar to make it to CA by the 26th which is when I have my first OB appointment out there. Zachary's new school is year round, and they happen to be on Spring Break until the 30th of March so he will get a few days to get settled before having to start school. We plan on heading to Disneyland on the 27th for a family fun day, I can't wait!

Before we leave we are doing a big birthday party for Z at Chuck E Cheese on the 14th! I can not believe he will be 7, where does the time go? We wanted to do something big right before we leave so we can get the chance to see everyone.

What we need now is a miracle, we need this house to sell ASAP. This is the worse time for that I know, but I am a believer! Please pray for a quick sell, I need it more than you know!

On top of all that, my computer crashed and I lost all my pictures. It is at a computer place trying to get them recovered. I am crossing my fingers. Not only did I loose a lot of pictures, Cesar lost almost all of his Army information. Things from the beginning of his career. It has been a little stressful here at the Sanchez house, but we are getting through it! I am not posting any pictures until we get a better back up drive. I refuse to store them on the laptop until Cesar assures me they will be fine. I will be a lot better about backing things up, that's for sure. I am so glad I started this blog, at least I have a lot of pictures stored on here!

So, if you made it all the way to the end, I will keep updating you on the move. I will post some pictures of the party, and if you are free on the 14th, meet us at Chuck's place, we would love to see you before we leave!

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Oh I am going to miss you all!