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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just catching up!

It seems like the time is flying around here. Only 6 more days until we fly! There is so much to be done. Cesar has only been home a little over a week and we have been so busy since he got home preparing to leave we haven't even had any time to relax together. The boys are thrilled that he is home. I was worried that Isaiah would forget who he was and not want anything to do with him, boy was I wrong! He has turned into a HUGE daddy's boy and mostly only wants him. I must admit, I was a little sad. Zachary has been a daddy's boy for a while now, and nothing has changed. They missed having someone to wrestle with, and I missed listening to the laughter that hap pend when they are playing together. All is well now!

We got the computer back and they were able to recover all the files that were lost! Praise God! I didn't realize how many pictures that I have on the computer. It is now backed up and I am sending all the photos to Walgeens to be stored and and copying them to disks. This will take a while but it will be well worth it!

We found a great housing program for military families that might fix the housing situation completely! This program will buy your house, pay off your mortgage completely, if you can not sell after 3 months and have been ordered to PCS! This will be such a huge blessing for us if all works out. We will not make any money off of it, but we will not lose as much as if we would have to wait for it to sell on our own. With this housing market, it could be a year before we sell. With the unpredictability of the Army, we have decided to rent in CA until we get a more permanent placement. We could still have to move 2 more times before Cesar's career is over and we don't want to be in the same situation that we are here. This is a huge blessing for us and proof that God answers prayers!

We went to see Bella Ann yesterday so that Zachary and Isaiah could meet her face to face. Zachary is so sweet with babies. He held her and loved on her and kissed her a few times, then it was off to the Wii! He and Bradley Dylan hadn't been able to play together for a while so it was nice for them. Brady was asleep the whole time we were there. :( Isaiah wanted to carry Bella around the room himself! It was a little scary at first. He sat in the chair and wanted me to put her in his lap. I did, for about a second and then he was done. I am scared for Noah! I dressed her up and posed her on the couch for a photo shoot. She is beautiful of course!

This is a little all over the place but I want to get this all down while I have the chance, Isaiah is napping and Z isn't home yet! Enjoy the pictures!

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Collins Family said...

Sounds like you have been busy. I know you are going to miss your family and you all are trying to soak up every minute with the new baby as well. Hang in there and we can't wait to hear updates from sunny CA and of course to meet Noah in a few weeks!