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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet Isaiah!

What a day!  It was busy, loud, fun, hot, wet, and a little sad.  We were missing daddy so much today.  Isaiah is so blessed to have so many friends and family who love him so much and want to celebrate with him on his special day.  Uncle Roman really stepped up filling in for daddy today.  He hung the banner, helped with the tablecloths and maned the pinata!  Enjoy a few pictures of my middle boy's 4th birthday!  Thanks to all who came out to celebrate!


Cesar aka "Daddy", aka "The One That Can Cut a Rug", aka "Super Fragilistic Espealidociuos", aka "Mister Protein", aka "Formerly Mr Protein, now Mr Fish Oil!" said...

Honey, I can' think of another way to start my day, than seeing the joy in my boys eyes. Thank you for everything that you did to make this party happen, and put smiles on not just our kids faces but all the other kids that came to the party. I am absolutely blessed to have a family that we have together in California & in Kentucky. Everyone showed up to the plate and helped in some way to make this day special beyond what we could have imagined. I love you all.

CB_Wilson said...

Most importantly - Happy Birthday Isaiah!!! I'm so glad he had a good one!!!

Second, Cesar - You're not "Super Fragilistic Espealidociuos"... You left the "Cali" out!!! and I still think you spelled it wrong. Anyway, hope all is going well in training. Thanks for taking such good care of my best friend and her (yours too of course) babies!