Welcome to the Sanchez Family. We are a God loving, church going, unconditional loving, Army family of three wild and crazy boys and one 100 pound english bulldog, taking it one day at a time. I'm the mom, the only girl in the house, and the Queen. Hang on tight, it's sure to be a wild ride!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What happens when you are nursing the baby and the toddler is running wild....

The Wiggles fell victim to Isaiah and landed under the DVD player. I couldn't figure out why the DVD player wouldn't close. After taking it apart I found the Wiggles smiling up at me! I just can't keep up with him and he always seems to act up when I am nursing and can't get to him...smart little guy isn't he?! Dr. Abbott told me that he would be a terror until Noah was about 4 months old...if he makes it that long it will be a miracle! The only thing keeping him alive now is his cute smiling face!!

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