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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Isaiah drama!!

Today I had to take Isaiah to the doctor. I thought he had an ear infection or something because he just wasn't acting right. Who knew that taking two kids to the doctor, which is literally 2 miles down the road would take me 1 1/2 hours! When we got home I got Isaiah out first and told him to go in the house. What was I thinking?! He is 20 months old for goodness sake! I look up after getting Noah out of his seat and he is at the end of the driveway playing! I go to get him and he decides to take off running. I catch him, spank him, he could have cared less! After getting them both in the house, I notice Noah's diaper leaked! I get Isaiah into the playroom, shut the gate and get Noah changed. He is of course hungry, his eyes are open after all, but I leave him in the playpen while I try to get Isaiah a quick lunch before a much needed nap. I get lunch ready for Isaiah, cheese, a bananna, and yogurt and sit down to feed Noah, who by the way is now screaming his head off! I look over at my angle in the highchair and this is what I see!

Needless to say he got a bath before nap and now he is sleeping! Peace at last!

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