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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18 months!

I am late on this I know, but we were in California when he turned 18th months! We have not had an 18th month check up yet, we are scheduled next Thursday so I will give you the stats then. I am sure he is growing just fine!

He is into everything. He is growing so fast, right before my eyes it seems. He is finally starting to talk. I still think he is behind, but it is a lot better than 15 months. He now wakes up and yells for mama. It melts my heart. He climbs on everything, the kitchen table, the end table, the gate, the chairs, Z's bed ect... He has broken one lamp so far, I am sure there will be more. He loves his brother and wants to do everything he does. He is a pretty good eater, loves any kind of fruit. He just started dipping food. He is not a big fan of ketchup, but wants it if Zachry has it. He likes to tease the dogs and barks like one. That is his only animal noise. He can build with blocks a 2 block tower. He can hit a baseball off the tee. He throws really well. He uses both hands to eat and throw. He loves balls, any size or shape. He is attached to his blanket and paci still. His favortie show is Handy Manny and the Backyardigans. He loves to dance and it's really funny when he does. He signs more and now says it too. He watches everything you do and repeats most of it. I caught him trying to cut his toenails with the clippers the other day!

I am sure I have missed a lot of his skills. He is so special to us. I can't imange my life without him. I always thought I would have a house full of little girls but now I can not imange my life without my boys! Isaiah you are the best little thing and Mommy and Daddy love you more and more each day. We can not wait to see what you do next. I know you will accomplish lots of great things! love you bunches baby!


Collins Family said...

Happy 18 months Isaiah you are getting so big and your still so cute!!!!!!

Rhonda J said...

What a cutie! I wouldn't worry one bit about his verbal skills. He is just busy taking it all in right now. All that climbing and activity is why you are the (young)Mom and I am now a(slightly older:) and MUCH slower)Grandmother. lol