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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Drama!

Hello from the land of the frozen! Just a quick Ice Storm 2009 update: We lost our power yesterday from about 9 in the morning until around 6 last night. I am so thankful that it was not longer! God Bless the linemen who are working so hard to keep us all safe and warm in our homes! We headed up to moms because they had a generator but my little munchkin would not sleep and so around 9 I threw in the towel and headed home. We woke up this morning to power and HEAT, it was great. Our water was shut off around 11 due to minimal power at the water plants. My wonderful neighbor headed out and got us some bottled water for the time being. The water is on for now, it is being rationed until further notice and we are under a boil water advisory. I filled up the bathtub in case of another water shortage and we are ready for anything! I am running the dishwasher now to make sure all the sippy's are clean and we have plenty of paper plates, napkins and cups to last. I really don't cook so not being able to wash dishes is not a big deal here! I know that is what those who know me well are saying! I have some pictures, but I wanted to take a few more before I posted them.

No school again tomorrow! Zachary has only been once this week. They are taking some of the make up days away and we will now be in school until the end of May. We already have plans for the make up days so Zachary will be missing them anyway. We are heading to SUNNY CALIFORNIA! The possibility of moving there to recruit looks favorable and let me tell you, after this week, count me in! My mother-on-law said it was 72 and sunny today. I am jealous! I will be posting the pictures later tonight. I want my husband to see what he is missing here, being stuck in the house with all of us.

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