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Friday, March 21, 2008

March Madness, one sock on, and a great report card!!

Just some random thoughts! We are ready for the first real game of the NCAA tourney tonight! I only hope I can stay up to watch it. Isaiah hasn't been sleeping great and I have been asleep every night this week by 9! GO CARDS!! So sorry the the Wildcats are going to be home watching, from Lexington!

Isaiah is the one sock kid! No matter what he is wearing, every time I look up he only has on one sock! My car has one sock here, one sock there from where he takes them off in the car seat and throws them. On a positive note, he has a good arm!

Zachary got his third report card today. I am very proud to report that he has mastered almost everything except printing his last name, tying his shoes, and recognizing the lowercase letters b and d! He also has 158 sight words! I am so proud of him, he is so smart. I only hope it continues, his love for school and the fact that he seems to pick up things so quickly. The only downside is that since the Wii has come to our house, homework is a battle. He now likes to rush through it so he can play video games and when I make him redo it he gets really mad! It is just one more thing that we are working through! I love parenthood! The other thing that is not that great about school is all the new phrases he comes home with. If he rolls his eyes at me and says "duh" one more time, I might lose it! I love 6 years old!

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter to all. I am sure all my friends will be posting some great Easter pictures Sunday night and Monday. I can't wait to see the little girls in all the dresses! I will be posting some pics of my handsome boys too!


Collins Family said...

Go CARDS! Love the 1 sock boy! Way to go Z! Keep up the good work! Too bad you are not in my kindergarten class with Jack! I will post pics of Izzie in her dress for sure! Happy Easter!

CBJR Family said...

I totally understand what you mean about those 6 year-old boys! I get tons of eye-rolling, too! Can't wait to see pictures of your handsome boys on Easter! Happy Easter!