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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am not sure I have the words to express this but I am going to try!

I am sitting here at my computer today with tears in my eyes, but rest assured friends they are happy tears for sure!  As the sign above says GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!  I just received a phone call from my dear friend Sarah, you know her as Joe's mom, and it was incredible news!  Joe had an appointment with a surgeon today to discuss when they would need to do the surgery to remove the tumor that had doubled in size near his spine.  The surgeon did another MRI, with contrast this time, and this one showed NO GROWTH!!  Yes friends you read that right, NO GROWTH!!!  The first MRI was WRONG!!  I have had a few minutes to praise God and thank HIM for answering our prayers and I have come to the conclusion that the first MRI wasn't wrong but we prayed these tumors smaller!  You, me, all my church friends back in KY, all my blog friends, all my FB friends, my family and Joe's family, we all prayed those tumors smaller and it worked!! 

Yes, prayers were answered for sure!  I know Joe was nervous today about this appointment and I prayed for calmness for him and extra patience for Sarah to get through the day.  It worked, and I am beside myself with happiness for them!

Thanks to my awesome GOD there will be plenty more days at Disney with Z and Joe to hang out and have fun.

There will be more days for hot dogs and cotton candy together

There will be more school fundraisers together and bowling birthday parties to attend

So thank you from me, and Z.  He will not have to pray his heart out at night asking God to please not let his best friend have surgery.  We will continue to pray, Joe is not cured, nor are the hundreds of other kids that have NF.  I am asking you to please pray for a cure and also pray that at Joe's next check up in 6 months there continues to be no more growth.  The walk for NF in LA will be next Saturday and I am still asking for donations to help find a cure so please check out my page and donate, even if it's only $5.

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CB_Wilson said...

This is SO Amazing!!! I'm just in awe. I cried last night when I got the email from your mom. I'm so happy for you and for Z and mostly for Joe and his family. I'll keep praying, and I'll be praying for you on Saturday as you run!