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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Celebrating a good friends birthday and maybe a girlfriend is in Zachary's future?!

Today we headed to the bowling alley to celebrate one of Zachary's friends birthday.  Aneesa turned 9 today and she has become a good friend of Zachary's and her mommy has become a good friend of mine!  We all had a great time having cake, cotton candy and popcorn and hanging out with friends.  Zachary wasn't sure about going to the party, it was a Justin Beiber theme.  He thought his friends would make fun of him!

On another note, this morning Z asked me to put gel in his hair before school.  What?!  He has never cared about what he looked like before today.  I did, he went to the bathroom to see what it looked like and requested I do it different, like maybe get the hair dryer and make it spike up more!  I swear, I thought that having boys would meant that I was not fixing hair in the mornings!!  I think there may be a girl in the picture, I hope not!  He is still to young for that in my eyes!


Cara Beth said...

I think he's still too young too! Darien does the same thing with his hair! He likes it gelled and fixed. He stands in front of the mirror in the mornings messing with his hair... what's up with these boys???

The Mom said...

Cara Beth, they both need to sit down! There will be no girls in this house but the momma for a long time!!

Anonymous said...

No girls but the NANA. He will be a GREAT catch for someone in about 30 years.