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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love my soldier!

Funny, I have the same bumper sticker on my car as the title of my post. Well actually it's a magnet with desert boots. Today is a day that should be used to reflect on the sacrifice that so many men and women have made for this country. I must confess, until I married a soldier, this day wasn't something that I really thought about. Now it is something that I think about everyday, not just today. I think how blessed I am not to have to visit a grave to be with my husband. I think about how proud I am to be an Army wife and to have a husband that would die for this country. I think about how blessed my children are to have a real HERO living in their home, not one they only see on t.v. We went down to Ft. Campbell, home of the 101st Airborne, to attend a welcome home ceremony on Saturday. I was a lot calmer this time, my husband was with me! I was reminded of the men who would not be attending this ceremony, they were home with God instead of home with their family. They made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. I was happy to see all the reunions, girlfriends, wives, husbands, children, and parents hugging their soldiers. I was thrilled to see my cousin reunite with her husband and for him to see his son after 6 months. Clint left when Michael was 10 days old and just saw him again Saturday. It was a blessed sight. I am glad that we have a day that we honor all those who serve this country and make it safer for us to live. Thanks to all of them who risk their lives for me.


Collins Family said...

Thank you for serving our country Cesar and keeping us safe.

Jessica said...

Tell your husband thanks for his dedication. My dad was and still is a true hero for me too. There's nothing like living with a role model full of honor and love for their country.