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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 11 months Isaiah!

Today Isaiah is 11 months old! Only one more month and we will be celebrating with surfing monkeys and lots of family and friends! You are getting so big so fast. You are doing so many different things and soon you will be walking all over the place. Some things you are doing new this month are:

*standing on your own

*cruising on the furniture

*climbing on your toys

*throwing a ball

*sitting in your chair

*eating table foods

I am sure there are a lot more things. We are so blessed to be your family!


Collins Family said...

Happy 11 months Big Boy. 2 Big 1st Birthdays coming up in August!

CBJR Family said...

Happy 11 months, Isaiah! I love those blue eyes!

Jessica said...

What gorgeous blue eyes he has! Happy 11 months! I still don't know how Wayne and Susan got so many boys out of two little girls!