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Monday, June 30, 2008

Dead camera, busy week, little time for blogging!

My camera battery is dead and I have lost the charger. I am on a mission to replace it, hopefully today! I have missed a lot of "kodak" moments!

Cesar has been in ANOC school at Ft. McCoy WI for three weeks and he finally returned Wednesday night, to two thrilled boys! Mommy was pretty happy to see him too :)! He was off work Thursday-Sunday so we have been spending a lot of family time together. Zachary has been at soccer camp so we went to watch him on Thursday and then swimming at mom's, Friday after soccer Daddy and Zachary went to see Wall-E. Daddy wasn't to sure about it but Zachary loved it. Saturday Zachary had to go to Greg's so Erin(more on her later) and I went to get a pedicure and run some more errands while Daddy stayed home with Isaiah. Saturday night, Erin, Cesar and I all played the Wii and I beat them in bowling! Sunday we ran errands as a family and then just hung out the rest of the night.
Well, I finally got my little girl! Well, I got my girl, she just happens to be 15. Erin, who is like my own little girl has been going through some hard times. On Thursday she decided that she would like to live with us from now on. We are thrilled to have her. I couldn't love her anymore if she really were my own. So the end of the week has been busy with getting the guest room a little more teenage ready! That involves zebra bedding and lots of pictures of friends. Now I am the mom of a high schooler, an elementary schooler, and a toddler! Please pray for me!

As soon as I get a minute I will post the pictures that I did manage to take!


Jessica said...

Congrats on the girl! At least she's out of diapers and may very well be a great babysitter! Have fun with the addition to your familY!

Collins Family said...

Oh Melissa I had forgotten all about you and Erin from the past. I am so happy she is with you and will be getting the wonderful love and care she deserves. What a great help she will be and how cool for the boys to know have a big sister. Although you got your girl and I am not sure she is going to let you put all the bows in her hair since she is 15. WOW I can not believe she is 15 now. I look forward to hearing more of the story and seeing pics. I am excited about the zoo next week!

CBJR Family said...

Congratulations on the addition to your family! Have fun at the zoo next week!