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Monday, July 27, 2009

Why do I open my mouth?!?!

I will never learn! As I sat at the computer trying to update the blog with yet another Isaiah story I think he is safely in the playroom watching tv with his brother. When what do I hear..."Mom, he climbed the gate!" from Zachary. I get up and running towards me is my own almost 2 year old Houdini! He used the grocery cart, turned it on it's side, pushed it to the gate and climbed right over! Someone help me! I took the grocery cart out and decided the rest of the post below was going to have to wait until nap time. Well the phone rang and I had to leave the playroom to get the cordless and then I see him using the door part of the gate to climb over again!! I am not sure what to do now. He is going to drive me batty!!!

As I sat down to post this during the boys naps Noah started crying. I headed upstairs to get him and while I am changing his diaper I look over my shoulder and see Isaiah! He was SUPPOSED to be in his crib. He climbed out....AGAIN!! He climbed out Saturday but I put the mattress on the floor and it seemed to fix the problem, until today!! I have no idea what to do now. Once again the phone rang and I went into the bedroom to answer it. As I come back into Noah's room Isaiah is in the crib with Noah!! If he wasn't so cute I would strangle him!! I headed to Babies R Us to see what they have and ended up deciding to child proof the room and then turn the crib into a toddler bed. So I take Isaiah and Noah to Grandma's and start the child proofing because my husband works all the time and who knows when he will be home. I get the crib turned into the toddler bed, and made up so nice, and start feeling pretty good about myself. I can do this with out Cesar I think, I am woman!! Well then I start to put the latches on the drawers, because I DO NOT need him throwing out clothes all night long, and they don't fit! So now I am sitting here posting this before I go pick up the boys so I don't lose my mind. I need a little down time so I used the blog to destress for a moment.

~~Classic me...I made him do it all over again so that I could capture it on film. Enjoy the pictures.~~

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