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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catching up! *really long*

It's been a while since I have blogged...there just doesn't seem to be the time like I used to have. It might have something to do with my 3 sons!! We have been busy since the end of school. Swimming at Grandma's, playing with friends and cousins and getting ready for the big KY trip! I could talk forever about going home, it was awesome.

We headed home on the 23rd of June. Nana came out to help me with the boys on the plane ride. It went surprisingly well I thought. When we landed at the airport we couldn't get to the front fast enough. Grandpa, Kel, and most importantly Bradley, Brady and Bella Ann were there waiting for us! I couldn't believe how little Bella was compared to my chunk of a baby. Bradley and Zachary were running around crazy and Brady was just taking it all in. Of course Kelly and I cried and I am tearing up now as I write this. I was so happy to see my babies again and to be able to spend two weeks with them. I was excited to show off my baby to gran and meamaw and pawpaw...really missed granddaddy on this trip. We headed to O'Charles for dinner, they don't have those out here. It was there Bradley showed us his wonderful trick he learned at school...how to make tooting noises with a bendy straw, definitely the highlight of the night. It was so nice to be with family again. We did a lot of things, zoo, shopping, gran's for lunch and dinner, the park. We had a great cookout on Saturday and I got to see a lot of people and introduce Noah to them all. It was a nice way to see people and not have to drag 3 kids all around the state!! It was a great time and it went too fast. It is hard being here with no friends and no one to hang out with. I miss that the most, just hanging out with Kelly and the kids. I love the army life most of the time, just not when it is time to leave my family. We got home on the 8th and now we are trying to get things put away and gearing up for some swim lessons and the start of school on the 28th for Z.

I took over 400 pictures while I was at home, don't worry I won't post all of them, just a few of my favorites! Look for some swim lesson pictures and a wiggles concert to come soon!

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