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Monday, August 10, 2009

He is going to be the death of me!!

Here goes the Isaiah story of the day! While I was once again nursing Noah, I guess he will just have to stop eating, Isaiah was doing his new dance while watching the Wiggles. This all seems pretty safe, well as safe as Isaiah can be. He is really getting into it and all of the sudden he trips and falls landing on the video chair. He is crying and so I put Noah down, much to chunk's disappointment, and go to check out the damage. I was shocked to see the huge bump over his eye and his nose bleeding! I call the doctor's office and head over to have him checked out. When I get to the doctors office we are waiting for Dr. C and I am just sitting back watching Isaiah. He is climbing on the rolling stool and pushing himself across the room, he climbs onto the front of the table/truck and falls in the front window, he pulls down the paper from the table while trying to climb on top of it. I am thinking, at least if he falls here were are in the right place!

Dr. C comes in and starts to look at him. He tells me he is going to check for bleeding in the head, WHAT?!?! I really didn't' think it was that bad, I just wanted his eye checked out. He goes on to tell me that you can tell if there in bleeding internally by looking in the nose, eyes and ears. I am starting to get a little nervous here and wishing we were back in KY at Dr. A's office! He is just chatting away about Natasha Richards and how they should have checked her ears and they probably could have saved her. All the time I am thinking, is it that bad, does my baby have bleeding internally. He then pronounces him fine and to watch for other signs of internal bleeding such as vomitting, slurring speech(come on, he's 2 all his speech is slurred) and disorientation and sends me on my way. I am thankful he is okay but left a lot more worried then when I came in!! I am sure it will be worse tomorrow so I will post some more pictures!

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