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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's been a while!

Thanks to my new obsession with facebook and the lack of time having 3 wild boys provides me my blog has suffered! So I am sure this will be a long post with lots of pictures in the slide show! In the past 3 weeks lots has been happening here in the Sanchez house.

School is almost over for the summer for Zachary. He is on year around school here and so he only gets about 6 weeks off for summer. I like it because he won't have the chance to be as bored, at least I hope not. He will be receiving the Good Behavior award and the Presidential Award for Education at his awards ceremony on Monday. We are so proud of him. Of course I will be posting lots of pictures and I am even going to attempt a video! He has made a lot of friends and is looking forward to next year! Next year is a concern for Cesar and I as he is such a smart boy and we are concerned he is not being challenged enough. His Rigby score was a 28, which translates to 4th grade reading level and his math was on the 3rd grade level. They do not skip grades here nor with the budget cuts do they offer any kind of gifted program. We are still trying to decide what to do. What a wonderful problem to have, but a problem nonetheless!

Isaiah is still Isaiah! Wild and crazy! He keeps me on my toes all the time. You never know what he is gong to get into next. As my dad says "He would wreck a one car funeral!" He is loving the pool and swimming with Zachary and Daddy. He goes to Grandma's once a week for a little spoiling and Mommy tries to get some things done around the house! He is talking so much more than he was. It's a good thing, I was getting ready to have his speech evaluated! I am THAT parent!

Noah is a great baby. He eats well, maybe a little too well, and sleeps great too. We got his furniture and he is now in his monkey themed room at night! Mommy doesn't do well with sharing a room with her kids! He is at least 13 pounds at 7 weeks and his reflux seems to be the same. We are going to have some more tests run to see if there is another treatment option for him.

We are counting the days until we come to KY! 14 more to go until I get some home cooking from Gran!! I like it out here but I miss the heck out of my nephews and niece! Not to mention the rest of my family. I am joining some mommy groups so that I can meet some friends and get some playdates for Zachary and Isaiah. I hope this helps the adjustment period a little. I am a little lonely here. I miss being able to pop over and see Jill and let Isaiah play with Madison and meeting Mom for some shopping and just being able to see Bradley whenever I wanted. I think it will get better when I get some friends to hang out with!

Enjoy the pictures of the past few weeks! I will try to be better about posting!

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