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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just bragging on Zachary!

I started to write this about 3 times and thought, no one wants to hear how great you think your son is. Then I thought, it's my blog and if I want to tell you how great I think he is than I will! :)

Zachary started first grade this year and he is doing really well. He was bringing home some homework that Cesar and I though was just too easy for him. I was going into school to talk to the teacher when we got a note home saying that they were switching Zachary into the first/second grade split class. We were so happy for that. He is being taught the second grade curriculum but is still technically in first grade! He is getting homework that is harder and is challenging him.

My question to all you teachers....Jodie, Beth, Jessica......if Zachary is being taught the second grade curriculum now what will happen next year to him? My concern is that he will be bored next year. His teacher explained to me that there is only 6 first graders in her class and the rest are second so it makes more sense to teach the second grade materials.


Jessica said...

Hey Melissa! The same thing happened to Tyler when he was that age.The good news is that moving them up works for a year or two, but then they get to a point that they can't move up anymore (usually around 3rd grade). I personally felt that 3rd grade was a year wasted, but then he started TAG in 4th grade, which helped push him along and challenge him more. Things may be different in your county, this is just my personal experience. Glad he's doing so well! Congratulations!!

Collins Family said...

They need to continue to challenge him and move him. We move kids around according to their ability we are in families at the primary level so kids can move as they need for their ability level. Yes there will come a point it seems like he is stuck it sounds like, get him in TAG and accelerated classes in Middle & High. Talk with his teacher and brainstorm the future and what the plan is to best benefit Zachary!