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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Isaiah's Spanish!

Cesar talks a lot to Isaiah in spanish, and when we lived in California, Grandma taught Zachary quite a bit also. My spanish is limited, but I am learning quick! I have been trying to ask Isaiah for kisses for a while now and he will never kiss me. I finally found the reason why, he will only kiss you when you ask him in spanish. Cesar asks him for besitos, which translates to "little kisses". Of course, every time I try to video tape it, he won't do it. He finally did it today for his brother and his daddy, but not his mommy! Little stinker!


Collins Family said...

What a stinker knowing Mommy wants those kisses so bad. That is awesome he is learning Spanish, what a perfect age for it to stick!

Jessica said...

I'm impressed. Little guy already knows more spanish than me!! Those kisses are precious!

heyjanine said...

Braeden is learning Spanish too, and I am trying....my favorite word of his is "Amanos!" (supposed to be vamanos) And he has never said water, it's been agua since he started speaking!